Every company has their own origin story

A tale of humble beginnings, or the birth of a simple idea that inspires change. Everyone loves to hear and tell stories, because sharing our struggles and successes is what motivates us to keep moving forward. For CodeZero, we wanted to chronicle our journey so we remember all we’ve experienced and been through, and serve as a valuable reminder of why we started the company in the first place. 

It began with the friendship between two entrepreneurial artists. Steve Koh is a successful photographer and founder of the ROM production companies.

Whereas Amano Young is a creative director who also founded ETCH, his own branding agency.

The two are close friends with similar passions in fine arts, culture, and social networking.

While the two were catching up with drinks one night, they brought up a common dilemma with designing the brand identity for companies: Business cards are a prevalent tool for networking, but they are aggravatingly full of limitations. Steve had agreed wholeheartedly, saying most people  throw the cards away or keep them disorganised in storage drawers for a long time. Having lived abroad in Japan for 8 years, Steve has assimilated the Japanese’s culture of minimalism and dislike for clutter and waste. Thus, the idea for a digital business card platform surfaced – one that could efficiently store and manage contacts that stay connected, while enhancing company brand identities in a dynamic presentation.

The two brainstormed about the project, combing over the finer details and technology needed. On October 2017, CodeZero was officially established. The team decided to name the app “ZERO BrandCard™”, with the goal of providing a solution with zero hassle and zero waste using a digital card that empower brands.

The first prototype for ZERO was released in December 2017, and both Young and Koh started meeting with strategic partners to pitch this venture. In 6 months, CodeZero signed Memorandums of Understanding with multiple media companies and secured enough funding to close the first round of co-founders.

That brings us to where we are right now. Our team is fervently and constantly busy working to roll out exciting and comprehensive features to fine-tune the ZERO platform. But at the end of the day, it is good to remind ourselves of our mission: To empower people and businesses by building tools to share and express brand identities within a digital platform.

A company’s journey and story is only as good as the values embedded within. For CodeZero, we believe that we can make a valuable impact on the world and establish a successful company based on values that contribute to society.