The most common question we ask ourselves is: What is aesthetic?

When I first got the idea for creating a digital business card platform, it was clear that the app had to be special. So the team spent a considerable amount of time brainstorming about how the app needs to be crafted. In the end, we came up with one word: Aesthetic. What does it mean to be aesthetic?

The best thing we can offer is the freedom to think outside the box 

Our answer: self-expression. We want to encourage and empower our users by giving them the tools to build their own brand identities, their own aesthetic. In a certain sense, it is reimagining and redefining the philosophy of design: our app doesn’t stop at our own definition of beauty, but we want to foster the creative expressions for both individuals and companies alike.

The end product? A vastly dynamic and engaging platform, where every connection, every identity is as refreshing and exciting as the last. And you would know that behind every profile is their personalised content. Truly, everything you see is made by a designer.